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Международные проекты 2011-2012

{2011} – {2012}

Representatives of the Nordic Council of Ministers (Advisor for Culture, Finance Director) and partners of the project «NORTHERN DIMENSION MANAGEMENT IN CULTURE AND CREATIVE INDUSTRIES»
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Немного о проекте:

Coordination meeting

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Program of the project was approved Representatives of Nordic Council of Ministers had consulted about the features and requirements of the project. Variants of interaction between partners and Nordic Council of Ministers were developed.

Planned results of the project were approved:
to develop networks in the field of cultural tourism including activities aimed at recreation of the historical and cultural heritage (historical festivals, recreation of historical events, festivals of national minorities etc.) in cooperation with the follow-ups of the project “An investigation of the Viking Route heritage sites in Russia: “to develop a grid for communication, travel and accommodation to facilitate cultural tourism in the ND area”


The project activities include:
  • seminar in heritage site in NORTHERN DIMENSION
  • study trip – experts from NW Russia get acquainted in cultural tourism activities in the Nordic countries
  • workshop- experts from NW Russia get acquainted with IT – technologes
  • brochures – brochures will be issued to be used further as manuals for the professionals in respective areas
  • conference – participants of the project will attend a number of conferences. Some of the conferences will be arranged within the frames of the project in order to gather Nordic and Russian experts and present the results of the projects. Moreover, members of network will participate in international conferences outside the frames of the project for collecting information and knowledge exchange.

Target groups

Target groups of the project are cultural operators, clusters, civil servants, SMEs, universities and research institutes

Viking Rout Heritage Sites In Russia

25 April 2012, St. Petersburg

To this seminar were invited participants and partners of the North-West of Russia more then 70 participants

Issues that have been presented:

1. A mapping study of the Viking Route heritage sites located in Russia, Trail as a community cultural heritage of Finland, Iceland, Norway, Ireland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden, revealing and analyzing the most important of them today concerning maintenance, marketing and access for tourism, as well as needs for development of the Viking Route’s potential for international cultural tourism. It was also important to indicate the readiness of local stockholders to develop these sites as of Viking heritage. Familiarity with the route of the Vikings in Russia. Can be compared with the route "from the Varangians to the Greeks" Sites of Viking Route heritage are developing by volunteers

2. Hanseatic cities Association of 176 Hanseatic cities in the network. Creation of a site in Russia, the unification of 13 Russian cities in the network. Studying and promoting the way of life of merchants lived cities. The legal aspect of trading

3. International project “Castle to Castle” Has started at April 2011 between South-East Finland and Russia Main goals of the project: to vivify the castles and fortresses by creating their network with the help of organization of an internationally recognizable rout via Russian and Finnish fortresses; to offer new tourist products and services; to develop cultural tourist resorts; to create the network of enterprisers utilizing the castle theme with a joint electronic database; to organize a training entity in interpretation and productization of cultural and historical heritage; to increase the level of awareness about the cultural heritage; to unite people on both sides of the border Project resources – Finnish and Russian fortresses Finland: Olavinlinna Castle, Lappeenranta Fortress, Kotka Fortress, Hameen Castle Russian Fortresses: The Old Ladoga, Ivangorod Fortress, Koporie Fortress, Korela Fortress and Vyborg Castle. These fortresses have common historical roots.


There is a common history which can be explored, it is possiple to conduct researches, and then use this knowedges for the development and attractiveness of regions.

It was revealed that museums and other cultural objects of the center can become an attraction for tourists

It is also important to saturate them with events: an event-cognitive, cognitive-entertainment and, if possible, with some business.


  1. Areas will be attractive to tourists, local people
  2. Science, culture and education will combined
  3. Following them small and medium business will work more intensive (m / f, hotels, cafes)


  1. Roads in Russia
  2. The passivity of the local administration

Must be in the North-West of Russia:

  1. Conduct local seminars in which representatives of administration, investors, small and medium enterprises of the local and federal levels will participate in.
  2. Make the marketing research about the area to the seminar (analytical report on the availability and attractiveness of areas: strengths and weaknesses)

Study Trip

20-26 May 2012, Finland & Sweden

Contents: 12 participants (specialists of Culture sphere and Tourism) from Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad region, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, Izborsk, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk have visited and shared their experiences with each other in the field of culture and tourism, and also get know local government treat to promotion of areas, include Eastern Finland ( Lappeeranta, Savonlinna and Eastern Sweden (Norchepping, Linkopping). Organized trip Nordic Council of Ministers and University of Eastern Finland, the Tourist Council of East Sweden.

Was visited

In Finland:

Museum "Volkof", Fortress "Lappeeranta", fortress "Savonlinna", Museum of water, Forest Museum "Lousteau", University of Eastern Finland organized a seminar "Event tourism. Sources "

In Sweden:

Norchepping: The visualization center, Museum of Work, City Museum of Local Lore, a tour through the scientific and cultural-educational complex, rock paintings, visit the castle, lunch with the city administration led by Mayor

Linkopping: The open-air museum "Life in 18 century. Sweden ", Aviation Museum, lunch with the mayor of the city


Get acquainted with the modern ways of feeding the material in the museum exhibits Create displays taking into account visitors of all ages Creating exposure for children (kids 3-5 years old) Create profession-focusing exposures Filling the museum and its territories with interactive elements Development of event tourism The transformation of the industrial-depressed areas into scientific and cultural and educational centers, centers of attraction for tourists and centers of attraction for leisure of residents. XVI Annual International scientific-practical conference ADIT «The Cultural Heritage and Information Technologies» 19-22 June 2012, Petrozavodsk Nordic Council of Ministers co-finance section where experts from Sweden, Finland, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region was attended


There was detailed report about:
  • What are the ways to catalog museum collections (Europeana, Kamis, State Fonds)
  • How to share experiences with specialists and how to attract visitors through the museum’s sites
  • What kind of IT-technologies can be used in the museums
The possibility of transmission of the section to 40 museums of the country through the Internet was shown (Russian Museum)

Have visited the exhibition "Virtual Museum": how to use the virtual game to introduce children to the history of the city


• To participate in the project Europeana museums of St.Petersburg
• To organize a series of seminars about IT-technologies for professionals of culture and tourism
• The urgency of creating a dictionary of terms on IT-technologies for professionals of culture and tourism

Relevance of exposure-showroom for specialists of museums

Final Conference «Management in cultural tourism»

2 October 2012, St. Petersburg

The conference was attended by 70 participants (Administration, Ministry, Government of Leningrad Region, Tourism Association, specialists of the culture and tourism sphere, travel agencies, publishing house, non-profit organizations) from the North-West Russia (Leningrad, Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Vyborg) , Germany, Norway, Finland, Latvia.

A lot of themes were discussed, for example modern progressive management practices in cultural tourism, which already has positive experience in work with visitor, in sharing the experience between specialists, about development of the area and small/medium businesses, in cooperation with the local administration.

Each participant was given a brochure "Management in cultural tourism" (a practical guide how to act successfully while developing the destination)


Do not stop at reached. Continue to cooperate by new projects for the development of cultural tourism being in good relationships with the Nordic countries.

More inter-museum exhibitions and new tourist routes should be created

Create inter-museum mobile exhibition, where exhibits from several countries and different IT-technologies will be united, such as:

"Suppliers of the imperial court. 400th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty "(Russia, Finland, Denmark, Germany)

Information Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in St. Petersburg

Part 2 "Management of Cultural Tourism"

PROJECT results:

  1. All organizations, participated in program, improve its competence in question of cultural tourism
  2. The museum-reserve “Izborsk” created new exposition on theme: “Vikings”, because on its territory on archeological excavations was collected material of that period and was analyzed the influence of Vikings on history of Russian land.
  3. The KIZHI state open-air museum of history, architecture and ethnography creates mobile guide on “Old city”, using experience of Linköping.
  4. Agency of Museum Communications create with partners (SUAI, ITMO) the seminar “New technologies in museums, theaters and cultural tourism. Practical recommendations”
  5. Red Izba Tourism Development Centre of Veliky Novgorod initiated a new project to attract tourists and citizens - "Gourmet Festival", where came the cooks of 3 countries-Spain, Czech Republic, Estonia. The "Days of national cuisine" passed in 3 restaurants in town. The festival was in great demand, the citizens and tourists from St. Petersburg with their families visited the restaurants, got acquainted with the culture of tradition and taste of 3 countries.


The purpose of the project was to form platforms/networks and to exchange knowledge and best practices for different cultural and creative industries (CI) stakeholders and fields in the Baltic Sea region, the natural environment and base for cultural cooperation in the Northern Dimension area involving Russia, European Union, Norway, Finland, Sweden , according to the NDPC Action Plan for 2011-2013, the project activities involve both geographical extension of already functioning networks and activities in sectors which still are lacking well-established platforms and networks. The project is based on the networks established during the activities of the projects “Development of creative industries partnership between North-West Russia and Nordic countries” and “NotaBENe” which will be taken as a basic one, to be extended and developed.

A Nordic-Russian professional networks involved different cultural and CI stakeholders was created in the fields of cultural tourism, as a result of capacity building and competence enhancement achieved by participation in the project activities, to develop a grid for communication, travel and accommodation to facilitate cultural tourism in the ND area

Gender equality:

In project took part : 21,8 % men, 78,2 % women