Нажимая на кнопку, я даю свое согласие на обработку моих персональных данных в соответствии с законом №152-ФЗ «О персональных данных» от 27.07.2006 и принимаю условия пользовательского соглашения.
Nordic Weeks in St. Petersburg
From 14 September till 24 October St. Petersburg traditionally hosts the Nordic Weeks. This joint initiative of the Nordic countries that, since 2013, has become an autumn feature of city life during which St. Petersburg gets an opportunity to know more about its neighbours. This year’s programme consists of more than 30 events including films, literature, history, architecture, innovations, environment and culture of Northern Europe.

The Nordic Weeks in St. Petersburg offers many joint events. The programme starts on

14 September with the Nordic Films Days at St. Petersburg International Film Festival. During the same day, the ”Music of cinema” open-air takes place on Manezhnaya square. From 16:00 till 23:00, famous international and Russian bands, in one way or another related to the world of cinema will perform non-stop, including Finnish band Leningrad Cowboys, as well as The Tiger Lilies, Rocky Leon and many others.

On 21 September during the “Europe Days” festival the Nordic countries will arrange a joint presentation at the European Fair including exhibitions, language classes, quizzes, and ecological workshops, as well as a bike ride along Nevsky Prospect! On 1 October we will present various children’s’ literature events with meetings with authors from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark at different venues.

During the Nordic Weeks Sweden presents a concert - a project promoting modern innovative music. Nоrway will organise presentations of modern architecture and will celebrate Edvard Munch’s 150th anniversary with a concert on 12 October.

From 26 September till 4 November Iceland presents an exhibition of the Icelandic artist Johannes Kjarval, famous for his realistic paintings of the nature on Iceland, as well as his paintings of mythological motifs at the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum.

Finland will hold a range of events in honour of 60 years of partnership between St. Petersburg and Turku, including a performance by Turku Philharmonic Orchestra at the Mariinsky concert hall.

Denmark organizes a seminar with the famous architect and expert on urban planning Jan Gehl, on 20 September at the faculty of International Relations in St. Petersburg State University.

A several project seminars within the Knowledge Building and Networking Programme for North-West Russia will be arranged.