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Cultural Olympiad "Sochi 2014" tells about the history of St. Isaac's Cathedral

One of the most important museums in Russia - The State Museum Monument "St. Isaac's Cathedral" - became a member of the Cultural Olympiad "Sochi 2014". In the Year of Museums in it will be a series of exhibitions related to the activities of the museum, the history of the cathedrals, in its composition, as well as architects, builders and philanthropists.

March 14, at the Smolny Cathedral, which is part of the four Councils' State Museum Monument "St. Isaac's Cathedral", the exhibition "Alfred Parland. Heritage architect ", dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the birth of the creator of the Temple of the Resurrection (Savior on Spilled Blood) was opened.

That Parland idea to unique decoration of the temple. The architect was the author sketches for mosaics, most of the ornaments, Kyoto, and the iconostasis. The exhibition dedicated to the memory talented Petersburg architect, will present drawings of works, as well as portraits and photographs of himself and his family Parland stored in a private collection and the great-granddaughter of the architect Milena archives Fund Swedish literature. The event will be accompanied by a showing of the film "architect Alfred Parland."

This is the second event in the cultural life of Saint Petersburg, on the history of churches, members of the museum-monument "St. Isaac's Cathedral." All of them are under the banner of the Cultural Olympiad "Sochi 2014".

Thus, in January-February 2013 is a photo exhibition "conservation is equivalent to getting ...", where visitors can get acquainted with hard work, talent and skill of professional conservators to help preserve the unique decorative and artistic decoration of temples, monuments for posterity.

And from October 23 to November 14 this year at the Smolny Cathedral will host the exhibition "In memory of Maria Fyodorovna, philanthropist youth. Educational and charitable institutions of the Office of Empress Maria Feodorovna, "tells the story of the wife of Paul I's contribution to the development of charity in St. Petersburg. Empress support educational and craft institutions, to promote the restoration of the Smolny Cathedral.

Exhibitions at the Museum of the Year of the Cultural Olympiad "Sochi 2014" once again demonstrate to Russian and foreign audience, what steps are being taken in support of the cultural heritage of St. Petersburg.

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